Get paid faster with smart, professional invoices.

Define your services and billing schedules and we’ll compile all of your billable data into ready-to-send invoices.

Simplify your process with digital invoicing.

We help you keep track of everything involved in getting you paid. We’ll store your rates, hours, expenses, client information and even keep tabs on your upcoming and overdue payments.
Create & send professional invoices via email.
Automatically track upcoming & overdue payments.
Flexible service rate definitions, billable miles & expenses.
Integrate with Quickbooks Online for online payments.
Generate professional invoices in seconds
We’ll compile a single report where you can select shifts worked, mileage costs, and other billable expenses to populate a pre-formatted invoice that you can export or send via email.
Track status & collect payment
Whether you export, email, or send your invoice through our one-click integration with Quickbooks Online, you can keep track of your billing process in Careswitch. We keep a history of events and invoices can be marked as open, sent, paid, or overdue.

Coming Soon

Give your clients an easy way to pay you for your services.

This year, we’ll be releasing a series of new features that give clients more transparency and higher trust in their home care services. The Careswitch native app will include a client experience that makes it easy for your customers to receive invoices, review details, and tap to pay the bill directly from their connected account.

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