Complete, error-free documentation for every visit.

We combine time and attendance data with detailed care documentation into digital care notes that are easy to read, review, and reimburse.

Save time, reduce risk, and maximize reimbursement.

Guarantee that documentation is always created in line with your specifications, then review and submit your documentation with ease.
Go digital to avoid late, “lost” or forgotten visit notes.
Defend against employee claims with real-time event tracking.
Eliminate back and forth with a simple, built-in review process.
Maximize reimbursement with robust, itemized documentation.
Review & approve documentation in seconds
We automatically organize care notes by status, so you can filter to see what’s complete and ready for your review. You can also use our intelligent labeling system to add labels that help you track progress through steps like adding a digital signature, sharing with clients, or even approving time for payroll.
Request corrections & approve caregiver edits
It’s rare, but if there’s a mistake, you can highlight what you’d like corrected and leave comments. Caregivers are notified of your request, and can review and submit edits for your approval.
Export in bulk for reimbursement
Export care notes in a PDF format that can be shared with clients or long term care insurance providers. The exported document contains itemized information and digital signatures in a clear, easy-to-read format that helps you maximize reimbursement from insurance providers.

Robust caregiver documentation

Collecting clean, high-quality data helps you make better decisions.

Our intuitive process makes it easy for caregivers to capture rich, meaningful information so you can track client conditions and adjust the plan of care accordingly.

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