Quick, compliant communication with your team.

Send direct, group, and broadcast messages in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

It’s like Slack, but made for home care.

Work closely as a team and give your caregivers the real-time support they need with secure instant messaging that lets you respond to any issue, from anywhere.
Create Private or Public Channels
Organize conversations by common topics like creating a channel for scheduling so your team can share updates in one place.
Send Direct or Group Messages
Send direct messages to individuals or add multiple people to a group message where everyone can participate in the conversation.
Broadcast Announcements
Send broadcast messages like BCC emails so everyone who gets the message cannot see others who received it or their responses.
Maintain HIPAA Compliance
Replace texting and emailing with a secure tool that lets you exchange protected health information (PHI) without any risk.
Configure Notification Settings
Worried about the noise? Set your chat preferences so you only receive notifications when and how you want them.
Set Your Status
Simply set your status to online, away, do not disturb, or offline to let your team know when you’re available and when you’re busy.

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