Careswitch Presents
The Home Care Cash Summit
A half-day, 100% virtual summit for home care agencies focused on all things financial. Come learn how to raise your revenue and boost your bottom line.
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may 4, 11am-3pm EST
Half-Day Summit
Session 1
How Much Should You Be Paying? Here's What The Data Says
Miriam Allred and Connor Kunz of Careswitch
Session 2
Operational Secrets To Cut Costs And Grow Your Margins
Julio Briones of Briones Consulting
Session 3
The Biggest Financial Mistakes You're Probably Making (And How to Fix Them)
Jennifer Ramos of JR3 Consulting
Session 4
Most Agencies Are Going to Fail DOL Payroll Audits—Here's How You Can Pass
Joshh Vaughn of Littler Mendelson
Session 5
The Only 4 Ways You Make More Money
Kunu Kaushal of Senior Solutions and the Independent Home Care Alliance
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a stacked lineup of experts
Kunu Kaushal
CEO of Senior Solutions Home Care and Founder of the Independent Home Care Alliance
Kunu Kaushal is a leader in the home care space and has a reputation both as an extremely savvy operator and an inspiring leader. Alongside running an 8-figure home care agency, he also runs the Independent Home Care Alliance and has served on the board of the Home Care Association of America.
Julio Briones
CEO of Briones Consulting Group; Former Franchise Business Consultant
Julio Briones is the guy home care agencies call in to fix things when all else fails. He's worked in home care since he was a teenager and he's one of the leading experts on the technical aspects of home care operations.
Jennifer Ramos
CEO of JR3 Consulting and 3x home care agency administrator
Jennifer Ramos built and sold three successful home care agencies before turning her attention to helping other people do the same with their businesses. She's now the CEO of her own consulting firm and a leading M&A advisor for home care agencies.
Joshua Vaughn
Wage-and-hour litigator and counselor at Littler Mendelson
Nearly 10% of ALL audits by the Department of Labor are now focused on home care agencies. Josh is the lawyer home care agencies hire to help them avoid or win the litigation associated with these audits.
Miriam Allred
Head of Partnerships at Careswitch
Miriam Allred has worked with hundreds of top leaders in home care. She is a co-host of the Home Care U podcast and previously launched Vision: The Home Care Leaders Podcast in her time at Home Care Pulse. She has deep experience in partnerships, marketing, advocacy, and strategy.
Connor Kunz
Head of Growth at Careswitch
Before coming to Careswitch, Connor ran two service businesses, growing their profits by 7 figures in less than three years. He also worked as head of marketing and education at Home Care Pulse, where he led the Home Care Benchmarking Study, founded the Home Care Growth Summit, and launched Home Care TV.
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