Together, we can increase economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for everyone in the home care industry.

Careswitch is building the world’s largest network of home care providers, caregivers, families, clients, and agency partners to create a more stable, coordinated home care experience for all.

Why Careswitch?

Home care is the essential, underserved foundation of our health care system.

We depend on the home care industry to care for our aging, sick, and disabled loved ones in every community across the country. The need is so large that there are 53 million non-medical caregivers—more than twice the number of healthcare workers. But unlike the rest of healthcare, these essential workers face low wages and inconsistent schedules that can prevent them from achieving the economic dignity they deserve.

This large, growing industry is also home to thousands of local entrepreneurs who grapple with thin margins and high turnover rates that create instability and cause disruptions for the clients and families that rely on their services.

The Careswitch Network is designed to unite the fragmented and forgotten foundation of our healthcare system; the people of home care.

Our network uses shared tools and common practices to create more consistency, and transparency in the home care experience. And together, we leverage our collective scale to unlock more economic opportunity and improve quality of life for everyone in the home care community.

Introducing a digital network where everyone in the home care community can prosper.






BENEFITS for Everyone

For Caregivers

Take control of your career with an app that lets you pick up shifts across multiple care agencies, estimate your take home pay, and receive your paychecks, benefits, and taxes in one place.
One app to control your career
Work across multiple agencies without duplicate paperwork or conflicting schedules.
Control your income
Understand how much you make by each client and shift, then set your schedule for a more consistent paycheck.
Better employment experiences
Access better benefits than any one agency could provide and receive all tax documents in one place.

For Home Care Agencies

Simple, all-in-one software that helps you deliver quality care at lower operational costs and access to a vetted network of local caregivers.
Backoffice partner
Use integrated software and support teams to simplify and offload business tasks.
Network of vetted caregivers
Access qualified, available caregivers to fill your schedule without delays.
Reduce employment costs
Standardize onboarding and offer a more transparent employment experience that can reduce turnover.

For Clients & Families

Understand care plans and oversee care with a central communication hub. Get more insight into costs, caregivers, and changes in condition so you can tailor plans to your changing needs.
Centralized care management
Oversee multiple agencies, caregivers, and family members’ care plans from one place.
Direct communications
Get status updates, notifications, and reach out directly to points of contact to troubleshoot events quickly.
Communicate preferences
Participate in your own care by setting goals, preferred caregivers, and methods of communication.

For Partners

Home care consultants and care managers can leverage a network of home care professionals to help us improve the quality of care across the industry.
Large active network
Reach out to active members across a variety of positions and regions.
Give and receive referrals
Increase your reach and expand your client base through vetted referals.
Support agency partners
Gain access to client profiles, help manage care and provide administrative support.

We’re building the backbone of the home care industry.

Are you a technology provider looking to integrate with our network or leverage the Careswitch API? We’d love to connect with you.

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