Process payroll right from your home care software.

No more tedious exports or hopping between different platforms. We put everything in one place so you can run payroll in minutes—and leave the rest to us.

Skip the manual exports and multiple third-party programs to run payroll.

You’ve had to hack together payroll solutions to suit your business, but we put everything in one place, made it sync with your data automatically, and created the single foundation for your entire operation that you’ve been asking for.
Integrated AMS & Payroll
Syncs with attendance data so you can approve and process payroll from one place.
Employees & Contractors
Pay your hourly and salaried employees and contractors with direct deposit.
Payroll Calculation
Taxes, benefits, deductions, and garnishments across thousands of tax jurisdictions.
Employee Onboarding
Easy-to-follow onboarding flows, for employees to get them started faster.
Tax Filing & Remittance
Automatic tax form filing and tax fund remittance at the Federal, State and Local level.
Expert Payroll Support
Our experienced team can answer all of your complex payroll and tax questions.

Retain staff with a transparent payday experience.

We make it easy for your employees to understand their payments so you’ll get fewer calls and questions. With the Careswitch app, your employees can receive direct deposit notifications, view their pay schedule, and access their downloadable W2’s, 1099’s, and so much more.
Projected Hours & Pay
Employees can view their projected hours and up-to-the-minute projected pay in the app so they know what to expect on pay day.
Historical Income
Your team can see their total compensation each month and track changes over time.
Digital Paystubs
Each pay day, your team will receive a digital pay stub that helps them understand their earnings and deductions.
Breakdown by Client
Help your employees understand how each client and shift contributed to their total paycheck amount.
Pay Schedule
We put pay day on everyone’s schedule so they know what’s coming and can plan ahead.
Payday Notifications
Your employees will get payday notifications sent directly to their phone so they can know the moment their money arrives.

Full Service Payroll FAQ

How long will it take to set up my payroll?
We’ll pair you up with a payroll specialist who will answer any questions and help you gather all of the required information. After that information is in, it can take about 1-3 weeks to set up your payroll, depending on your state.
Do I have to do anything for my payroll taxes?
Once you’re enrolled, we handle everything else. We digitally file all of your federal, state, and local payroll tax forms on behalf of your company. This includes W-2, 940, 8974, 941, as well as state and local forms.
What happens if I switch my payroll in the middle of the year?
During the onboarding process, our payroll specialist will help you gather and transfer all of your year-to-date wages over to Careswitch. That way, we can ensure your quarterly and end-of-year tax filings reflect the full fiscal year.
How do I add new employees to payroll?
We provide the digital forms that help you collect and securely store all of the personal and banking information that is required for your new employee’s direct deposits as well as their W4s and I-9s. We also handle new hire reporting with your state and federal agencies. 

You can turn these steps into a custom employee onboarding process by adding your own forms such as NDAs, background check authorizations, or new hire packets.

Full Service Payroll

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