No contracts. No setup fees. No sales gimmicks.

We’ll never hide our pricing, nickel and dime you with secret fees, or force you into long-term contracts. Get started free and quit anytime you like.
Free agency management software
Run your home care business for free:
Care Planning
Electronic Visit Verification
Billing & Invoicing
Care Documentation
Caregiver App
Document Storage
Payroll Exports
Cancel or upgrade anytime
Get Started for Free
What’s the catch? Is it really free?

Sure is. We use a modern pricing model common for software in other industries—our core product is free, and we make our money from optional upgrades.

There are also other reasons related to our belief in empowering home care agencies to better support caregivers—you can read what our CEO says about it here.

Free agency management software plus full-service payroll
Everything in Core plus payroll features:
Employee Onboarding
W2s & 1099s
Tax Filing & Remittance
Direct Deposits
Off Cycle Payroll
Paid Time Off
Premium Support
Base Price
per full-time employee*
Get Started for Free
How we calculate your monthly bill

*We charge you based on full-time equivalency, meaning that we charge per employee but prorate the cost down if an employee works less than 40 hours.

For example, an employee who works 20 hours per week would only add $3 to the total cost. An employee who doesn't work during a given month would incur no cost to you.

Pricing FAQ

Do I need to provide a credit card to sign up?
No. You can sign up with some basic information and get started from there. A credit card is only required if you upgrade to use our built-in payroll processing, which you can do from Settings within the platform.

When you sign up, we’ll pre-populate your account with a sample client and schedule you to work a practice shift so you can see how things work before you start adding your information. We also recommend downloading the Careswitch app so you understand what your caregivers will see when they work their shifts.
How much does it cost to set up?
$0. We have no setup costs or hidden fees.
How much are the support fees?
We don’t have support fees. Every customer has direct access to our support team. If you feel that your business needs something extra, let us know and we are happy to explore options that work for everyone.
When will I get my first bill?
You’ll will get your first monthly bill 30 days after you sign up for built-in payroll if you choose to do so. There are no bills with the free agency management plan (Core).
Can I change my subscription?
Core Plan customers can upgrade to the Complete Plan at anytime from within settings. You can access your subscription throughout the rest of your monthly billing period and your next monthly bill will reflect your new rate. Customers that want to downgrade need to message customer support.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Of course, you can change or cancel your subscription at any time from within your business settings.