Run your operation on clear, shared schedules.

Create schedules that meet client needs and help caregivers arrive prepared and on time for each shift.

An engine that helps you deliver care efficiently

Our scheduling engine uses templates, rules, and alerts to help you ensure every shift is covered and everyone is operating from a single source of truth.
Scan schedules to quickly understand shift status and upcoming neeeds.
Save time by building templates, setting rules, and selecting multiple shifts to assign in bulk.
Schedule the right caregiver based on preferences, distance or overtime rules.
Time & attendence data is captured automatically & synced with payroll.
Add single, repeating, or flex shifts to the calendar
Once you’ve defined your services and rates in business settings, you can create shifts with the click of a button. Set clear start and end times for individual or repeating shifts, or create a “flex shift” for self-directed caregivers who clock in and out as needed.
Assign the right caregiver quickly
Once the shift is created, we help you assign the right caregivers based on factors like visit history, distance from shift, pay rates, and overtime rules. You can also save time by selecting multiple shifts and assigning caregivers in bulk.
Track shift status and history
Get an overview of every shift’s status with a color-coded calendar view that indicates which shifts are scheduled, need a caregiver, canceled, missed, or call outs. You’ll receive notifications whenever a shift changes status and you can track and send each shift’s history of edits, schedule changes, and reasons for call outs or cancellations.

For caregivers

Scheduling designed for home care’s mobile workforce.

All of your caregivers can view the most updated schedule and will be notified the moment something changes. We also remind caregivers when a shift is coming up and make it easy for them to understand the client, plan of care, and exact directions to the location, so they can arrive on time and ready to deliver quality care.

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