Why is Careswitch Free?
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Ilya Vakhutinsky
Founder & CEO of Careswitch

The short answer is that we make our money from users that choose to upgrade to use our built-in payroll, which is priced by the number of full-time caregivers and total hours being worked.

There’s a longer and more important answer, though.

Careswitch believes in being caregiver-first; this mantra influences every decision we make. My mother was a caregiver in the years after my family emigrated from Ukraine, and I saw the challenges of the job firsthand.

I believe many of the challenges caregivers face can be alleviated by providing better resources (including software) for agencies, and I founded Careswitch to meet this need.

We’re capable of solving some of those problems today. Careswitch is designed for rapid, easy adoption by care staff, which leads to better adherence to care plans and clearer communication between caregivers and the office.

Some of the problems I founded Careswitch to solve will be achieved by future features and tools we add to our platform. Many of these future tools will become more effective as more agencies use them.

For this reason, our team realized it was a win-win to provide home care agencies with everything they need to run a business for free: agencies cut costs, and we get to accelerate our plans to build things that are even bigger and better.

We’re fortunate to be able to do this. In addition to the revenue we bring in from premium upgrades such as payroll processing, we’re also funded by investors who believe in our vision of empowering caregivers.

The result of this? Any home care owner can now get the software necessary to run an agency for free.

The response to Careswitch has already been incredible, and we’re just getting started.

Let’s support caregivers with every ounce of the compassion, determination, and grit that they already bring to the job each day.


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Founder & CEO of Careswitch