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For everything else there’s Careswitch.

The AI-powered operating system for home care that replaces your agency management software.

Caregiver hair assistance

In-Platform AI Assistant

your new assistant.

Our AI assistant transforms home care operations, enabling staff to focus on people, not processes.

Looper optimizes core business workflows through automated data collection, task assistance, event monitoring, and data analysis to drive efficiency and improve outcomes.

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HomeWell Care Services

“This isn’t an improved WellSky, it’s something completely different.”

HomeWell Care Services

Thomas Zitelli / CFO @ HomeWell Hackensack

The AI-powered operating system for home care

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Advanced Technology

Run your business with an AI-powered platform free from legacy system constraints and technical debt.

Comprehensive Security

State-of-the-art security and encryption protocols to keep your data private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

Modern Flexibility

Use our API to integrate with third-party systems, ensuring smooth data flow across your entire tech stack.

Hillendale Home Care

I’ve been following Careswitch for nearly 2 years now. I was impressed by version 1 and am increasingly bullish on this AI version. This is the start of eliminating or at least heavily reducing the endless office tasks that slow down a large home care provider. Careswitch is becoming a true partner that’ll help us scale from $10M to $100M over the next five years.

Jesse Walters

Jesse Walters

CEO @ Hillendale Home Care

Human-led / AI-elevated

What can you accomplish on an AI-powered, home care operating system?

Caregiver Management

Make every shift go according to plan.

Streamline the administrative tasks across every step of the care delivery process so that your caregivers can do what they do best—take care of people.

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Caregiver reading
Shift in progress

Client Management

Deliver personalized care at scale.

Provide care with personalized consideration for each client—no matter how big your business grows.

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Caregiver grocery shopping
Grocery store care task

Operations Management

Optimize workflows to maximize growth.

Boost financial performance with automated workflows, intelligent insights, and advanced settings that will take your business to the next level.

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Man in wheelchair
Gross profit and net profit
Absolute Care Services LLC

The software company we used before Careswitch was bad at communication—it was a struggle to try and get any help when we needed it. The team at Careswitch is amazing at communication and responds quickly whenever we have questions. They always work hard to resolve our problems in a timely fashion. We’re excited to continue working with Careswitch; we share their belief that AI is the future of home care administration.

Lawrence Kihanya

Lawrence Kihanya

CEO @ Absolute Care Services

Help at Home

As someone who has held roles across software, payer, and provider organizations, I can attest that Careswitch is making significant strides in our industry through their innovative work. My collaboration with Careswitch has given me firsthand insight into their groundbreaking and essential contributions to homecare management.

Moshe Teich

Moshe Teich

Director of AMS Solutions @ Help at Home

AI-Powered, Human-Centered

Join the new era of home care

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