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Enterprise, AI-powered home care software custom-configured for your company. Automate away the minutia of home care operations so your teams can focus on the people.

Welcome to the Future

We’re in a new era of home care.

Home care fundamentally shifts each time the underlying technology changes.

The Paper Era

Before the late 2000s

Agencies rely largely on paper records and manual processes, occasionally using basic general software tools like Microsoft Office.

The Software Era

Late 2000s–2023

Agencies use software tools designed for home care to speed up their work and manage more aspects of the business from one place.

The AI Era

2023 and beyond

Most administrative tasks are accomplished by AI-driven software under the direction of agency administrators, empowering agencies to focus on the care itself.

Human-led, AI-elevated

What does the AI era of home care look like?

At every stage of the care process, AI handles the menial minutia—so you and your teams can focus on the people in your care.

-> Care recipients live longer, healthier lives.
AI identifies patterns that indicate potential issues and suggests proactive care plan adjustments to improve health outcomes.
-> No more solving the Rubik’s cube of scheduling.
Just sign off on a schedule created automatically based on the needs, availability, and preferences of your team and clients.
-> Every client has the right caregiver.
Clients are automatically paired with caregivers by intelligent matching tools using thousands of data points.
-> More applicants show up to interviews.
Immediate, personalized communications move applicants rapidly through your hiring funnel, allowing your team to focus on building relationships with the candidates.
-> Travel costs are minimized.
Your scheduling system teams up with Google Maps to plan the optimal travel route for every caregiver, reducing travel time and expenses.
-> Training is individually tailored.
Every caregiver is assigned custom training plans based on their own skills, expertise, learning preferences, client needs, and automatically gathered client feedback.
-> Billing is accurate and automatic.
Human error is all but eliminated from billing with intelligent processes that automatically generate accurate invoices and billing statements.
-> Care documentation is accurate and comprehensive.
Caregivers document every visit thoroughly and accurate in seconds with the help of GPT, ensuring comprehensive records and better client care.
-> No communication barriers.
Natural language interfaces remove technological or language barriers between clients, families, caregivers, and offices, so that every communication is instant and seamless.
-> Compliance is done for you.
Worrying about compliance becomes a relic of the past because your software automatically keeps up-to-date on regulations and flags potential legal risks for you.
-> Care plans are always up to date.
Caregivers always have updated, accurate care plans because AI analyzes each clients’ unique needs continually and adapts them to meet evolving needs over time.
-> Workers comp claims are down.
Workers comp claims are down. AI tools automatically identify and flag safety risks on the job.
-> Agency owners go home at 5 o’clock.
More automation gives them the time and focus to quit working in their businesses and start working on their businesses.
Home Care Client

A fork in the road

Will you adapt?

How many successful home care companies run on pen and paper today?

Once home care software became widely available, agencies and franchises that failed to adopt it vanished under the weight of manual administrative tasks that their competitors no longer worried about.

Home care companies that fail to adopt AI will be no better off.

Want to stay ahead of the curve?

The AI-Powered Operating System For Home Care

Meet Careswitch AI, a state-of-the-art, enterprise home care operating system powered by the smartest AI on the market.

Careswitch AI is built to automate the everyday administrative tasks of home care operations so that you and your teams can put your focus where it matters most: on the people.

We’re already working with select corporate partners to configure our AI-powered software solutions to their unique business needs.

You have competitors jumping into the era of AI. Will you join them?

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