Client Management

Deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Provide care with personalized consideration for each client—no matter how big your business grows.

Caregiver grocery shopping
Grocery store care task

Care Planning

Streamline client intake and service delivery

Our service model simplifies the diverse needs of care recipients by standardizing service lines, streamlining client onboarding, and enhancing performance reporting.

Personal care profile
Service Templates
Create and manage service templates to streamline client onboarding.
Bill Rates
Set default bill rates for hourly, live-in and visit-based shifts.
Payer Management
Configure private and commercial payers with custom billing rules.
Smart Versioning
Track every care plan and assessment change, automatically.
Easily upload and store important service documents.
Shift Policies
Link custom business policies for live-in shifts, time-clock rules and more.

Capture client needs and preferences with ease

Effortlessly complete client assessments via voice dictation, guided entry, or simply importing your notes. Our AI assistant converts client data into detailed assessments, highlighting every important detail.

AI Guided Assessments

Create custom templates tailored to your operation and let AI guide clinical staff for consistent, compliant assessments.

Care assessment

Auto-generate client care plans and tasks

Transform assessments into comprehensive care plans and tasks with ease. Simply instruct our AI assistant to create care plans for your clients. Review and adjust them using our intuitive text editor, then sign.

AI Language Translation

Instantly translate care plans into any language, eliminating language barriers and aiding your team’s English comprehension.

Care plan

Automate care planning today

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Solve the Rubik’s cube of scheduling

Enhance your scheduling and staffing with AI-powered features that optimize both client outcomes and financial performance.

Care recipient schedule
AI Assisted Matching
Ask AI to assist finding a match based on your client’s need.
OT / Conflict Prevention
Avoid conflicts and overtime with real-time assignment projections.
Financial Projections
Give your staffing team the tools to make every assignment profitable.
Rate Modifiers
Apply rate modifiers for any shift rule or expense such as food stipends.
Billable Overtime
Configure billable overtime rules for each client to streamline billing.
Overtime Discounts
Quickly and easily apply billable overtime discounts to shifts.

Flexible scheduling for all client and business needs

Standardize scheduling policies across hourly, live-in, 24/7, and visit-based care. Efficiently create shifts, apply discounts, manage billable overtime and customize rates to meet diverse client needs.

AI Assisted Scheduling

Skip the forms. Our AI Assistant can create and manage shifts with voice or text commands.

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Create matches that result in memorable experiences

Empower your staffing team with comprehensive data, helping them make higher-quality matches that exceed expectations and enhance your reputation.

AI Assisted Matching

Ask our AI assistant to find available caregivers based on the most important factors to you.

Assign employee

Optimize shift assignments for profit and performance

Set net profit targets with customizable deductions. Provide your team with detailed financial projections to guide them in making better assignment decisions that improve your performance and profitability.

Net Profit Targets

Learn more about net profit targets and financial projections in operations management.

Billing projections

Upgrade your client experience today

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Billing & Payments

Accelerate billing and payment collection

Bill and manage payers your way – from electronic invoicing and payments for private payers to branded invoice and care note exports for long-term care insurance companies.


Effortless invoicing with AI automation

Streamline your invoicing workflow with AI-driven accuracy and efficiency. From service configuration to payment collection, automate tasks to save time and reduce errors.


Configure services and payers

Set up client services and link payers. Define custom rules, rates, overtime policies, discounts, and more.


Schedule shifts and provide care

Assign caregivers to shifts and capture billable time, overtime, and expenses based on service policies.


AI auto-review and approve shifts

Automate shift invoicing with AI. Flag exceptions for review based on configured business rules.


Invoice and collect payment

Finalize and send invoices with multiple payment options for quick and easy collection.

Improve collection with flexible invoicing and payment options

Reduce friction and increase timely payments with flexible invoice options and payment methods tailored to meet payer requirements.

ACH or Credit Card

Email invoice with a link to securely pay online
Charge payment method on file and auto-email receipt

Paper Check or Wire Transfer

Export invoice and send for manual, offline payment
Invoice payment

Powerful billing features built for home care

Unlike generic solutions, our tools address the unique needs of home care agencies, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and improved financial performance.

AI-Powered Shift Review
Utilize AI to review and approve billable items, populating them on invoices automatically. Focus your team on shifts that need attention while ensuring accurate invoicing.
Invoice and Payment Tracking
Automatically track invoice payments for payers with electronic payment methods on file. Manually adjust invoice statuses to keep everything organized and up to date.
Unbillable Revenue Tracking
Mark billable shift items as unbillable with reasons why. Gain insights into missed revenue opportunities, identify trends, and adjust processes to maximize future revenue.
Billable Overtime
Configure billable overtime rules to prevent margin compression. Simplify the billing process for overtime and ensure correct billing with automated calculations.
Split Payers
Easily split invoices between multiple payers within a billing period. Ensure each payer covers their share of the client’s service, simplifying the payment process.
Overtime Discounts
Easily apply flat rate, percentage-based, or rate-based overtime discounts for special clients. Let the system handle the calculations for accurate billing.

Export branded care notes and invoices

Generate detailed care notes and invoices featuring your company logo, enhancing your agency's professional image. Streamline the billing process for long-term care insurance with quick and easy PDF exports.


Grow your business today

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