Operations Management

Optimize workflows to maximize growth.

Boost financial performance and business outcomes with advanced settings, automated workflows, and AI-powered insights.

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Gross profit and net profit


Fine-tune your business for performance

Engineered for security, flexibility, and scalability, our workspace is the digital command center for your home care business.

Workspace profile settings

AI Rules and Instruction

Input custom business logic and let our AI assistant monitor exceptions, identify issues, and assist with tasks, keeping your team compliant and focused.

Roles and Permissions

Manage unlimited employee roles to control access and maintain security. Tailor permissions to empower staff while safeguarding sensitive data.

Financial Targets

Set financial targets to guide workflows and achieve objectives. Help your team focus on key metrics to accelerate growth and measure success.

Service Templates

Standardize business lines and pricing with service templates. Streamline client intake, enhance data consistency, and improve reporting and performance tracking.

Shift Policies

Define shift policies for live-in, hourly, and visit-based care. Fine-tune time-clock rules, overtime, documentation requirements, and more.

Enterprise Structure

Link multiple workspaces to fit your organizational structure. Access all workspaces with a single account for efficient oversight and data management.

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Exception Monitoring

Use AI to identify and resolve issues

Add your exception rules and resolution instructions. Our AI will monitor events, alert when exceptions are detected, and help your staff fix issues according to business policies.

Shift review and employee exceptions

Accelerate billing and payroll with automatic shift review

Shifts with exceptions are flagged for review with an AI-generated summary. Shifts without exceptions are automatically finalized and added to invoices and payroll.

AI Shift Resolution

Correct billing or payroll issues easily. Use our AI assistant to adjust shifts with text or voice commands.

AI shift resolution

Maintain employee compliance with continuous AI monitoring

Our AI assistant, Looper, identifies potential compliance issues before they become problems, ensuring your staff adheres to regulations and best practices.

AI Data Retrieval

Need information about an employee? Just ask Looper. Our AI assistant quickly provides relevant details to keep you informed.

AI identified exceptions

Automate shift review today

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Net Profit Targets

Increase profitability with data-driven decisions

Guide your staffing team with custom net profit targets and detailed financial projections, enabling them to make informed and profitable decisions for every shift.

Billing data table

Configure net profit calculations for your business

Customize net profit targets for services based on payer types, shift methods, and office locations. Include deductions for anything, like G&A expenses and COGS.

AI Analyze Performance

Use AI to quickly request summaries of actual or projected net profit, categorized by services, shift types, locations, and more.

Net profit calculations

Ensure profitability with shift assignment projections

Empower your staffing team with detailed shift projections for every caregiver assignment, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with your business’s financial goals.

AI Supported Decisions

Ask AI to find better matches based on financial criteria that meets your profitability requirements.

Billing projections


Easily monitor your business health

The health of your business is only as good as the data you collect—so let us help you collect, review, and monitor the right data.

AI Generated Reports

Tell us your report preferences, and our AI will convert your data into charts, graphs, tables, and downloadable spreadsheets.

AI generated reports

Plan your company’s future growth

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Team Chat

Simple and secure team communication

Keep everyone in your business informed and organized with integrated HIPAA-compliant team chat on your mobile phone and desktop computer.

Secure team chat
Direct Messages
From one-on-ones to team chats, message anyone, anytime, from anywhere you work.
Private & Public Channels
Organize discussions by creating channels for specific clients, topics, or teams within your business.
Broadcast Channels
Send one-way, read-only messages to all your employees, ensuring everyone is informed simultaneously.
File & Image Sharing
Effortlessly share and view files, documents and photos from your phone or computer.
Threaded Replies
Maintain focused conversations with threaded replies, reducing noise and keeping discussions on track.
Emoji Reactions
Quickly express your response with emojis, adding a layer of clarity and emotion to your messages.

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