In-Platform AI Assistant

Looper automates away the repetition in your business, helping your team focus on people, not processes.

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Example Workflows

Data retrieval and compliance

Data retreival with AI
Compliance with AI

Analyze Employee Data

Ask Looper to quickly find available employees, summarize specific profile information or analyze your roster.

Scheduling and shift review

Create shifts with AI
Review shifts with AI

Instantly Generate Client Schedules

Simplify shift planning with text or voice commands. Just dictate your requirements, and Looper will efficiently create and assign shifts.

Client assessments and care plans

Capture assessments with AI
Generate care plans with AI

Flexible Assessment Capture

Customize assessments and capture client details with ease—through voice dictation, guided entry, or image upload. Let Looper seamlessly convert your input into structured assessments.

Reporting and insights

Visualize reports with AI
Analyze data with AI

Dynamic Reports and Visualizations

Tell Looper how you want your reports formatted or visualized, and it will transform your data into charts, graphs, tables, and downloadable spreadsheets.

AI-Powered Automation

Close the loop on any task

We designed Looper to help you across the business—giving your team tools to ensure that each of the core processes in your business runs faster and more smoothly than ever.

AI Collect

Efficiently gather and organize information across your organization. Harness AI to rapidly find and retrieve specific data sets.

AI Analyze

Generate actionable insights with custom reports, visual data presentations, and AI-driven summaries tailored to specific needs.

AI Assist

Automate the completion of daily tasks with AI functions that simplify processes and improve operational efficiency.

AI Monitor

Proactively identify and resolve issues across core workflows with configurable business rules and real-time alerts.

HomeWell Care Services

I am a horrible typer—when I was in high school and they made me learn typing, I said, “I don’t need to know how to type, I’m going to be a nurse.” I’m also from New Jersey, so I talk really fast and [the AI assistant] is pretty much flawless. I appreciate this feature because it makes my life a lot easier. I just ramble on about clients and it sorts everything out. It’s awesome!

Jennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly

Director of Nursing @ HomeWell Hackensack

Endless Potential

Work faster and smarter with AI

Imagine whats possible with an AI-powered operating system for your business. See how each department can boost efficiency and performance with data-driven decisions.


Optimize workforce efficiency and ensure seamless shift coverage.

AI prompts for staffing

Human Resources

Improve HR processes, boost employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

AI prompts for human resources

Care Management

Gain unparalleled insights into client needs and exceed client expectations.

AI prompts for care management


Improve decision making with performance insights and summaries

AI prompts for finance

Replace your legacy system today

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