Caregiver Management

Make every shift go according to plan.

Streamline the administrative tasks across every step of the care delivery process so that your caregivers can do what they do best—take care of people.

Caregiver reading
Shift in progress

Employee Profiles

Keep employees organized and compliant

Caregivers are the foundation of every home care business, and in the era of AI-powered software, quality employee data is critical for decision makers.

Employee profile
Employment Records
Track employment status, important dates, recruitment method / source.
Base Pay Rates
Set default base pay rates for live-in and hourly shift work.
Activity and Notes
Record and track notes for employee record keeping purposes.
Profile Connections
Link and define relationships between any two profiles in your workspace.
Easily upload and store important employee documents.
Custom Roles
Assign customizable roles to control access and enhance security.

Capture comprehensive caregiver matching criteria

Go beyond traditional dropdown and checkbox inputs. Use free-form text to capture detailed insights about employees, and let our AI assistant instantly retrieve this information on command.

AI Employee Analysis

Our AI Assistant thrives on free-form text. Ask who's available, who can work with large pets, who can work with a Hoyer Lift, and more.

Caregiver matching

Track and manage caregiver qualifications

Securely upload, monitor, and manage credentials with issue and expiration dates. Set up automatic renewal reminders and assign notification recipients to ensure qualifications remain current.

AI Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead of upcoming expirations and renewals. AI can help you identify employee qualifications that need attention.

Caregiver qualifications

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Mobile Apps

Simple. Secure. No internet required.

Our thoughtfully designed caregiver app makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy individual to clock-in, document care and clock-out.

Accessibility Controls
Increase text size or turn on dark mode for low-light, making navigation effortless and reducing strain.
HIPAA Compliant
All data handling within the app meets HIPAA standards for privacy and security.
Offline Mode
Access features without internet; automatic syncing ensures seamless care continuity when back online.

Phone hourly shift

View and Track Assignments

Keep caregivers on schedule and prepared for each visit.

Shift list

Shift Offers

Offer shifts and track responses.

Shift offer pending

Electronic Visit Verification

Confirm caregiver visits with GPS.

Shift EVV

Push Notifications

Schedule changes, new shift offers, and important reminders.

Shift push notifications

Care Documentation

Prevent errors and omissions with intuitive, required tasks.

Shift care task

HIPAA-Compliant Chat

Send secure messages to employees.

Shift chat

Shift Management

Simplify shift management and review

Speed up shift management with features designed to help review, correct, and prevent inaccuracies, reducing adjustments for billing and payroll.

Prevent service errors and documentation gaps

Tailor shift documentation settings to the precise needs of clients and payers. Receive real-time notifications on shift attendance to reliably meet all service requirements and client expectations.

Operations Management

Learn more about tailoring Careswitch to fit your business policies and workflows.

Shift documentation

Automatically review and identify critical shift exceptions

Define your business rules and let AI review shifts. Compliant shifts proceed to invoicing, while exceptions are flagged for quick resolution, significantly improving billing and payroll processes.

Exception Monitoring

Automatically review shifts and monitor employee compliance with the power of AI.

Shift exception

Fine-tune and finalize shifts before billing and payroll

View detailed summaries of each shift, including all billable and payable items, quantities, and rates. Easily confirm that shifts have been completed as planned and make any final adjustments before processing billing and payroll.

AI Shift Resolution

Need to correct an issue for billing or payroll? Leverage our AI assistant to adjust shifts with text or voice commands.

Shift summary

Payroll Exports

Export payroll data to your favorite 3rd party software

Enhance your workflow with our flexible payroll data export feature. Easily customize exports to fit various third-party software.

Payroll export

Simplify caregiver management today

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