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A free education series for home care owners—because nobody went to school to learn how to run a home care agency.

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Upcoming: All The Scheduling Optimization Strategies No One Ever Told You (Brett Ringold Pt. 1)

If scheduling is like a Rubik's Cube, Brett Ringold is like that guy you knew in college who could solve it behind his back. Come learn his secrets to optimize this very key part of your operations. Click the blue button on the left side of your screen to register for the class.

Upcoming: Everything You've Ever Wondered About Third-Party Billing (Greg Bean Pt. 2)

Very few home care companies reach their full potential on private pay alone. Join us as Greg Bean of Paradigm demystifies the process of growing your company on multiple payer sources. Click the blue button on the left side of your screen to register for the class.

Upcoming: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About VA BIlling (Greg Bean Pt. 1)

VA billing is one of the most technical, opaque topics in home care—yet it's a critical part of business growth for thousands of agencies. We've found one of the industry's leading experts on how VA billing works and making him tell us everything he knows. Click the blue button on the left side of your screen to register for the class.

How to Attract the Best Talent Without Breaking The Bank (Connor Kunz Pt. 1)

What can you change about your pay strategy to attract the best talent without killing your margins? Thanks to our Home Care Compensation Report, we've got answers. Hit 'Sign up for the class on Zoom' on the left side of the screen to register for the live class.

How an Agency in Oklahoma Hit 100% Growth in Two Years in a Row (Tim Smith Pt. 2)

After several years of near-stagnant growth, three things happened that helped Tim Smith double his agency's revenue multiple years in a row. We talk about what those are and what he learned from the experience that you can apply in your own agency. This episode was produced by KaneCast.

How to Keep Control Of Your Money (Tim Smith Pt. 1)

How do you look for signals that your expenses are getting out of line? How can you put processes in place to avoid this? And just where'd all the money go, anyway? Tim Smith, finance guru among home care owners, sounds off.

he Pros And Cons of Becoming A Franchisee (Michelle Cone Pt. 2)

Every home care owner asks themselves whether to go independent or be part of a franchise. The answer depends. Michelle Cone, SVP at HomeWell, explains.

How to Grow Your Home Care Agency Using What You Have Today (Michelle Cone Pt. 1)

Michelle Cone, SVP of HomeWell says you can turn one client into $1M in revenue over time. Here's how.

All Your Insurance Questions Answered (Gavin Studner Pt. 2)

Come learn how to protect your agency, cut down on insurance cost, and ask every insurance question you've ever wanted to ask to a guy who's one of the leading insurance experts in home care.

All Your Questions About Workers Comp Answered (Gavin Studner Pt. 1)

It's your second-largest expense. Learn everything you need to keep it as low as possible.

How To Hire and Retain Caregivers In The Age Of Job-Hopping (Jeff Wiberg Pt. 2)

As CEO of a rapidly-growing home care agency and president of the Home Care Association of America board, Jeff Wiberg has a unique combination of on-the-ground insights and high-level vision. His agency has been used as a case study of caregiver retention; here are his methods.

How To Hire When Hiring Is Tough (Jeff Wiberg Pt. 1)

In summer 2021, the CEO of Family Resource Home Care called an emergency meeting to address their rapidly dwindling hiring pool. The strategies they chose became a case study in how to hire competitively when recruitment feels impossible.

How to Beat Your Competition on Indeed (Rachel Gartner Pt. 2)

In Recruitment 101, we covered Rachel's approach to creating a holistic recruitment strategy. In Recruitment 102, we dive into the most-used recruitment channel: Indeed. Come ready to learn everything about winning on Indeed, from setting budget to writing your ads.

How To Build A Recruitment Strategy (Rachel Gartner Pt. 1)

Rachel Gartner started off as a recruiter for a home care agency. Her methods were so successful that within two years, she was running her own company handling recruitment for home care agencies nationally. Come learn about these methods.

What The First Three Visits With A New Referral Source Should Look Like (Debbie Miller Pt. 2)

Debbie Miller has written a book, figuratively and probably literally, on how home care agencies should go about building referral partnerships. In this episode, she'll break down what the first three visits should look like (in minute detail) to maximize likelihood of success.

Planning and Building Referral Pipelines (Debbie Miller Pt. 1)

Debbie Miller built two multi-million dollar companies on the back of rock-solid referral marketing. Here's how she did it.

How to Run a Profitable Home Care Agency (Mark Johnson Pt. 2)

Take a not-strictly-tax-related-deep-dive with us as Mark Johnson, who's worked with dozens of home care agencies to help them not only minimize taxes but also build profitability, discusses the financial practices and strategies that work.

What Your Home Care Agency Should Be Doing to Minimize Its Tax Burden (Mark Johnson Pt. 1)

Every year, too many home care agency owners—especially new owners—are slammed by taxes and legislation they had no idea about it. Come learn how to not be one of them.

Financial Horror Stories And How Not To Become One (Jen Ramos Pt. 2)

A home care agency can have good caregivers, great staff, plenty of clients, and still fail if they don't manage their financials correctly. Come learn what NOT to do.

The Financial Basics of Running a Home Care Agency (Jen Ramos Pt. 1)

Jennifer Ramos managed and sold three different home care agencies before turning her attention to helping other people do the same. Come ready to learn all the things nobody ever told you about building a solid financial foundation for your home care agency.

The 3 Critical Decisions Most New Agencies Get Wrong (Julio Briones Pt. 2)

Julio Briones is the guy home care agencies call in to fix things when all else fails. According to Julio, there are three critical decisions up front that most new agencies get wrong. (Hint: your office location matters more than you think, and there's a very specific reason.) Get your note pad and come ready to learn from others' mistakes.

The 6 Most Dangerous Pitfalls For New Agencies (Julio Briones Pt. 1)

Starting a home care agency is never for the faint of heart, but it doesn't need to be as difficult as it sometimes is. Here are six things most likely to sink your agency in its early stages and what you can do about them.