Georgia Home Care Owner Gets One Full Day Back A Week By Using Careswitch

Connor Kunz Connor Kunz

“I save one to two days a week versus what I used to have to do. Now I can use that time on things that will actually grow my business instead of just keep it running.” – LaTashia Prince, Owner of Hearts For Healing

LaTashia Prince is cut from the same cloth as many home care owners: equal parts compassionate and hardworking, with a willingness to keep working long after many people might have thrown in the towel for the day.‍

Her agency, Hearts For Healing, is a home care and staffing agency in Fayetteville, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. Her journey to started her company began in honor of her grandmother, her healthcare background, and the desire to be a resource to other family caregivers.

Like many agency owners, LaTashia initially tried running her agency on a combination of Microsoft Excel and manual processes. She made it work, but doing things on paper or software that tools that weren’t made for home care cost her a significant amount of extra time.

“I was doing everything the hard way,” LaTashia says. “Caregivers had to fill out physical care plans on paper that I would then collect and go through. It was all taking longer than it needed to.”

Enough is Enough With Manual Processes

She shopped a variety of home care scheduling software programs and settled on Careswitch for its ease of use.

“Careswitch has the features the other platforms have, and it’s just easier to use than they are,” she told our team. “I could look around for a few minutes and understand how to use everything without needing a lot of training just to get started.”

“The more you can do things in one place, the more time you save,” says LaTashia. “Careswitch has a lot of little details that make my life easier. I love that you can set the size of the area that’s tracked by GPS for visit verification and that you can require clients to approve a care plan to submit it.”

She no longer needs to manually collect care documentation, deal with paper care plans, verify visits, distribute schedules, rely on outdated telephony, or do any of a dozen other tasks that used to take up her time. 

More than any system we're aware of, Careswitch is built for maximum ease of use.

Getting A Day Back Every Week

Since LaTashia started using Careswitch in July of 2021, her business has taken off. She currently employs around three dozen employees, gives guidance to other home care owners, and is even exploring launching a mobile testing lab as an additional revenue stream.

(As an added bonus, Careswitch changed to a freemium model in July of 2022, making its core scheduling software free and saving additional money for LaTashia’s bottom line every month.)

The time she saves by avoiding manual processes adds up to more than an extra workday each week, she reports:

“Careswitch has been a game-changer. I save one to two full days a week versus what I used to have to do. Now I can use that time on things that will actually grow my business instead of just keep it running.”