Careswitch and Paradigm Announce Integration Connecting Rapid Third-Party Billing and Artificial Intelligence

Miriam Allred Miriam Allred

Home care industry disruptors Careswitch and Paradigm Senior Services have joined forces with a software integration allowing seamless coordination between the two platforms.

The integration brings together Paradigm's payer line management services with Careswitch's artificial intelligence-powered operating system. Paradigm specializes in third-party contracting, billing automation, authorization management, and more. Careswitch is an AI-powered operating system that focuses on automating scheduling, anticipating and preventing no-call no-shows, and caregiver matching, among other agency functions.

The integration will allow for bidirectional data flow between the platforms, reducing manual data entry and streamlining workflows. Agencies using both Careswitch and Paradigm will experience enhanced efficiency in scheduling and billing, and other operational aspects.

“We’ve had this in the works for a little while, and it’s one of our initiatives I’ve been most excited about,” said Ilya Vakhutinsky, CEO of Careswitch. “This integration is the marriage of two paradigm-shifting systems.”

“Paradigm and Careswitch are two unique companies in the home care industry,” said Danny Shapiro, CEO of Paradigm. “We’re excited to be joining forces to better support our mutual customers.”

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About Careswitch

Careswitch is the first AI-powered operating system for home care agencies. It handles all the critical workflows that legacy agency management systems are currently used for; however, by using advanced artificial intelligence it goes above and beyond those systems by automating scheduling, anticipating and preventing no-call no-shows, and improving caregiver matching.

About Paradigm

Paradigm offers comprehensive, adaptive solutions for home care agencies working with the VA, Medicaid, and other third-party payors. With services like billing automation, historical collections, enrollment support, authorization management, and growth education, Paradigm helps agencies maintain resilience and grow despite technological or payor changes.