Home Care Owner FAQs

We've brought together a team of educators and home care experts to answer the burning questions that you and every home care owner will ask at some point.

Should I pay my caregivers for time spent on training if I'm not legally required to?
Becki Harrington-Davis

Becki Harrington-Davis Senior Content Marketing Manager at CareAcademy

LegalCare Operations
How can I avoid payroll-related lawsuits and make sure my home care agency is on the up-and-up?
Sabrina Sattler

Sabrina Sattler Account Executive at Careswitch, home care agency advisor specializing in startup success and longevity

Can I pay my caregivers as 1099 contractors or do they need to be W-2 employees?
Ilya Vakhutinsky

Ilya Vakhutinsky Careswitch CEO, home health aide's son, Forbes 30 Under 30, caregiver advocate

What’s the biggest mistake home care owners make when preparing to sell an agency?
Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos Managed and sold three different home care agencies; CEO of JR3 Consulting

Should I apply for Employee Retention Credits and how do I know if my home care agency qualifies?
Angelo Spinola

Angelo Spinola Home health, home care and hospice chair at Polsinelli

What are the essential steps to starting a home care agency?
Connor Kunz

Connor Kunz VP @Careswitch, former head of education @ Home Care Pulse, scaled a service business 7 figures in 3 years