Home Care Owner FAQs

We've brought together a team of educators and home care experts to answer the burning questions that you and every home care owner will ask at some point.

Should I pay my caregivers for time spent on training if I'm not legally required to?
Becki Harrington-Davis

Becki Harrington-Davis Senior Content Marketing Manager at CareAcademy

LegalCare Operations
How do I know if I should fire a client?
Brett Ringold

Brett Ringold Vice President of A Long-Term Companion

Care Operations
What's the best way to tell our clients that we're increasing our rates?
Adam Corcoran

Adam Corcoran Director of Business Development at Golden Care, owner of Home Care Flyers, helped build a multimillion dollar agency from the ground up

FinancesCare Operations
What should be included in a new client assessment?
Miriam Allred

Miriam Allred Head of Partnerships @Careswitch, former host of Vision: The Home Care Leaders Podcast

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