A quantum leap forward in home care software.

Enterprise home care management software powered by artificial intelligence and configured for your company.


“AI-Powered” means a lot more than it used to.

Thanks to Large Language Models (LLMs), AI is smarter than it's ever been and learning faster than it ever has. Our system makes the AI-powered software of five years ago look like a game of Pong.

user: is there a single caregiver that can cover all of the time periods when laura can't be with james?


recommendation: Yes, based on the available caregiver profiles, Michael Brown can cover all of the time periods when Laura Martinez can't be with James Wilson.

user: is he a good match?


reasoning: Michael has experience with physical disabilities and is capable of assisting with transfers and lifting. Additionally, he is fluent in English and likes to talk sports.

user: great, let's offer the shifts


action: all shifts for james (client), that can't be covered by laura (caregiver), have been offered to michael (caregiver).

user: thank you

Careswitch AI

The modern operating system for home care


Use a modern API to integrate with your other third-party systems.

Data Privacy

Comprehensive security measures mean your data is safe with Careswitch.


Careswitch's new platform is free from technical debt and other constraints of legacy systems.

Careswitch Command Center

Powered by GPT-4

Everything you expect from scheduling software, but built on the world’s smartest AI system.

-> Software you can tell what to do

Forget running an agency from one platform. Run an agency from one page if you want—simply by telling the Care Command bot what to do.

-> The easy caregiver matching you’ve been waiting for

Automatic client and caregiver matching recommendations powered by analysis of thousands of data points.

-> AI-Generated Care Plans

Your teams save time with editable care plans generated automatically from assessments, using AI so smart it passed the US medical licensing exam.

-> Automated Care Plan Analysis

Our system automatically analyzes your care plans on a continual basis and generates update recommendations focused on improving health outcomes.

-> A family portal that speaks any language

Families can stay more in the know than ever thanks to natural language interfaces that speak and translate any language known to the internet, eliminating language and communication barriers.

-> Reports that (literally) answer your questions

Advanced operational reports with a bot that you can get detailed answers from simply by typing it questions in the language you’d use to text a friend.

Careswitch Task Detail

Enterprise Scale

Built for the needs of enterprise-level home care companies and franchises.

-> Data you can trust when you’re making decisions

Enforced workflows and time-saving automation keep your data accurate, useful, and actionable.

-> Onboarding and support for locations

Professional help to ensure that migrating locations and data to a new system is a smooth transition.

-> Centralized control and visibility into all your offices

Multi-workspace access/control from one login and detailed corporate reporting give you the ability to “be everywhere” in your company.

-> Automated royalty collection

Eliminate human error, manual processes, and missed payments from franchisor revenue generation.

-> Custom configuration and branding

Anyone using Careswitch through your company will see our clean user interface and your company’s branding.

-> A new revenue stream

We provide the option to charge franchisees a technology fee, which can be used to pay for the software while providing you with more revenue at the same time.


AI Powered, Human Centered

Even better than the home care software you’ve been waiting for.

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Pricing varies depending on a number of factors. Every implementation is bespoke based on the needs of your company.

Come join us in a new era of home care.