Give Careswitch a test drive with our pilot program

Connor Kunz Connor Kunz

We get it—switching software systems is tough.

When you’re an established agency with hundreds of clients and thousands of weekly billable hours, it’s even tougher.

Enter our pilot program.

More than 400 agencies of various sizes use the Careswitch platform currently, with rave reviews from both staff and caregivers. Since we launched the version 2 of our platform, which includes AI features, we’re focused on the enterprise home care agencies who often have operations on a national scale.

These larger agencies are often justifiably more wary of changing software systems; as such, we created a pilot program so they can take deliberate, measured steps toward a software transition instead of jumping off the high-dive into the deep end.

Advantages of our pilot program

  • Avoid the challenges of uprooting your entire operation to move to a new system with no ability to test or get feedback first
  • Part of our process includes gathering clear, measurable results and feedback from employees, which can be used to make the case for wider adoption if you’re part of a larger organization
  • The cost of the pilot period is reduced relative to ongoing program cost
  • We’ll work closely with you to gather and implement feedback; this is a consultative relationship, not a transactional sale
  • You’ll have a chance to test our unique advantages, including advanced no-call no-show prevention features that mitigate the estimated 7% of revenue you’re currently foregoing
  • Be the early adopters. When agency management software first became available, agencies that jumped on the opportunity early enjoyed a grace period with massive operational advantages over agencies that were still running on paper. You’ve got that chance now; will you take it?

How the pilot program works

Because we consider each agency a partner as much as a customer, we work with you to create a plan that works for you. As such, the details will vary.

In general, it looks like this:

  • You work with us to select a subset of your offices or clients/caregivers to work with. This might be as simple as having a contingent of your scheduling take place through Careswitch; that said, the more business operations you run through Careswitch, the greater value you’ll see.
  • Based on the usage, we’ll agree on a set price for the pilot. Careswitch is a premium operating system and it doesn’t come cheap; that said, the pilot typically comes at a very discounted rate relative to the ongoing cost of using the system fully.
  • As part of the process of gathering feedback, we’ll survey the employees using Careswitch before and after the pilot. This helps us continually improve the system based on customers’ needs and also helps you get a clear, quantitative understanding of the impact Careswitch is having on your operations and efficiency.
  • Depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated, we can assist with implementation and data migration to make it easier on your team. There may be a cost for these services.
  • We’ll set up regular check-ins with you and your team to see how it’s going. Your partnership and feedback is essential.

Less a free trial, more a transition

It’s important to understand that because of the time and resources we invest in our pilot partners, the pilot program is intended to be less a free trial and more of a transition period in which you can work out the bugs and build consensus with your team before making a mass transition.

That said, the contract specifies that you can choose to stop using Careswitch after the designated pilot.


Here are the basic communications included in the pilot agreement our partners sign.

  • The selected cohort of employees will exclusively use Careswitch for the duration of the program (60 days)
  • Careswitch surveys the admin team twice: once at the beginning and once at the end of the pilot
  • The agency signs a Letter of Intent to begin paying for Careswitch services on a wider scale at the end of the pilot
  • Careswitch can publish a case study about the pilot and its results—the agency is guaranteed a chance to review it ahead of publication


To talk more about a pilot, request a call here and mention your interest in a pilot program in the notes.

Please note that due to the time-intensive nature of pilot program partnerships and high cost of AI software development, our software is currently only available to agencies doing $10M or more in annual revenue.

If you’re a franchisee and don’t meet this threshold, you can use this template email to invite corporate to review our software.