Think Careswitch is cool but mandated by corporate to use something else? Help us convince them with this template email

Connor Kunz Connor Kunz

If you've checked out Careswitch and love the idea of how it can make your life easier but are mandated by your franchisor to use other software, we've got your back.

Nothing helps us catch the interest of corporate leadership like interest from franchisees. If you want to get the ball rolling for a potential switch, email corporate, let them know, and encourage others to do the same.

Below are some helpful resources to make this something you can do in less than 5 minutes.

Helpful links if you're drafting your own message to corporate

Template letter (we strongly encourage you to add your own thoughts as well)

Hi [name],

I'm sending something interesting your way. This is a company I've been looking into that accomplishes many of the same things as [whatever software you're using], but uses AI to do it faster and more efficiently.

In particular, they've developed a way to use AI to anticipate and prevent no-call no-shows as well as improve client/caregiver matching. Much of an agency's day-to-day work can be run from one screen with simple text commands; it's pretty amazing.

Regarding the need for software focused on preventing no-call no-shows, they also have pretty convincing research demonstrating that a typical agency is foregoing 7% of potential revenue every year due to the impact of even a small number of caregivers not showing up for shifts.

From what I've seen, they're a reputable company; they've led initiatives for the Home Care Association of America and have some of the best educational content I've found.

While I understand the time and resources involved in switching software systems as a national brand, I strongly recommend that we get a demo of the Careswitch system at the corporate level and consider its potential impact for our future growth.